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What is a Technical SEO Audit?

Technical SEO deals with enhancing your website’s ability to rank higher and gain better traffic flow. By working with a technical SEO consultant like us, together we can resolve technical website errors to achieve greater search engine optimization.

  • A technical audit will detect crawl faults in your system. These errors could be anything from duplicate pages to low page speed.
  • It will also establish the presence of HTTPS, which is currently a must for all web users if you want traffic to your site. The HTTPS status code secures communication between your website and the web browser. This ensures your users’ information is secure.
  • We can include an XML sitemap enhancement which assists Google in locating your web pages.
  • Slow page loading speeds will influence your traffic volume and, as a result, the ranking of your site on search engines. We find ways to speed up the process.
  • Optimising for a mobile-friendly website will increase your search rankings position, making it a crucial part of Technical SEO.

Can you see the value of quality website SEO audit services?

How can a Technical SEO Audit help my business?

How can a Technical SEO Audit help my business?

The goal is to understand what your users are searching for. Knowing which keywords they use and the intention behind those words enables us to modify your website accordingly.

  • Our consultants keep up with trends so they know how to audit a website effectively. We’re available for SEO auditing nationwide, so whether you need an SEO audit London based or elsewhere, we can assist.
  • Technical SEO services will optimize your site’s security, ensuring your users’ privacy and enhancing the overall experience for them. This leads to more return visitors.
  • A web audit will ensure that search engines understand your site and regard your pages as significant, thus influencing Google indexing and ranking.
  • Pages may be blocked accidentally, and a site audit of your robots.txt file will soon clear them for Google crawling.
  • We prevent recurring issues that result in your site receiving penalties.
  • It will identify any broken links to correct, so your budget and user experience won’t suffer.

In today’s competitive environment, no company can go without a proper digital website audit, which is why a technical agency is important to partner with.

Technical SEO Auditing Services Proces

All technical auditing processes depend on the requirements of the website and the perimeters of the budget. Full-depth SEO audits are not always necessary but should be performed a few times a year.

If you require an SEO page audit, our technical SEO specialists are highly qualified to assist you. It all starts with a crawl.

First, we need to establish what needs attention. When crawling your website, the following takes place:

  • Recognise any issues.
  • Determine the amount of access that a search engine has to your site.
  • Verify your page status and any obstacles preventing your site from advancing in organic ranking.
  • Verify your page status and any obstacles preventing your site from advancing in organic ranking.
  • Checking links, internal and external, to ensure they’re not broken and causing search engine issues.
  • Site speed will be optimised for an overall enjoyable user experience (UX).

After each issue has been established, we will run specialised software to correct any problems and optimize your website.

Do you want to keep your website’s ranking high on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs)? Then it’s time to optimize your site!

Whether you have a brick and mortar store or you’re involved in ecommerce audit service experts are essential to your success.

What’s included in a Technical SEO Audit?

What’s included in a Technical SEO Audit?

As an expert Technical SEO Company, Carbon Spark knows how to conduct a technical SEO site audit:

  • We will examine your website and ensure that search engines can index it
  • There will be an assessment of your robots.txt file to make sure there are no disallowed pages.
  • Your Meta Data will be inspected with a Technical SEO audit tool, such as Screaming Frog. We determine the data’s status and review and fix errors.
  • Pages with low value will be re-assessed and possibly de-indexed to streamline search engine crawling on your site.

With this type of Google SEO audit, we make sure you have every possible chance of improving your rankings.

Types of Website Audits

Technical Website Audit

For any technical SEO issues, a Technical Website Audit is paramount to improving your site’s traffic and presence on SERPs. Spotting crawl errors and fixing them is vital for growth and advancement in organic rankings. It is also essential to check if each page provides a user-friendly mobile version.

Any broken links will be repaired and optimized to benefit your website and create a steady traffic flow. Unnecessary data “clutter,” such as redundant pages and faulty keyword arrangements, will be removed or updated to increase your website’s potential.

Keyword Analysis

Keywords are the route through which many users find your website. Knowing your potential phrases and keywords is vital because it determines the amount of traffic flow to your site.

Keyword analysis is one of the most important aspects of a website SEO audit. It shows which words or sentences are essential to search engines and have value in users’ searches. If your keywords are optimised, then your site will become important and noteworthy.

It is just as valuable to be aware of your competitors’ keywords, and the importance search engines place upon them. With this knowledge you can use their exact keywords to grab your piece of their market share, enabling you to hone your website strategy.

Important tip: Keyword research is an ongoing practice, because technology and your industry’s progression frequently change the SEO environment.

Content Audit

As a technical SEO audit service, Carbon Spark will analyse your content and perform search engine optimization. This requires:

No duplicate pages: You want a search engine to find you quickly, and having the same or similar pages for it to investigate wastes time and reduces your website’s relevance.

Uniqueness: Unique content is essential when trying to stand out amongst your competitors, so we make sure your content is unique and useful to your audience. Optimising your site for unique and useful content is one of our main priorities.

Tags: Correctly titled pages with unique H1 and H2 tags will boost user traffic and make your site more significant.

Keywords: We will ensure the proper use of keywords so you feature on relevant results pages.

LINK Audit

When we run an on site SEO audit involving links, we aim to boost your website’s traffic. Many factors play a role here:

  • Information gleaned from link auditing will uncover possible issues or opportunities in your backlink profile.
  • We search for spam links or broken links, and check for any competitor backlink opportunities you can benefit from.
  • Our team uses audit data to discover possibilities for new opportunities or counteract your competitors’ advantages over you.

Our audit plan depends on what your site needs. For example, must you recover from penalties tied to your site? Then Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics will be chief amongst choices. Our professional SEO Audit services create the perfect blend of auditing tools with a human assessment to deliver a 360° service.

Full SEO Audit Process | How does it work?

Carbon Spark utilises many tools for website SEO analysis. We will examine your website and verify which auditing options are relevant for you. It’s not only about what Google requires, but also your business goals. We create a comprehensive plan that helps you reach your vision.

Some businesses require keyword analysis to open up traffic flow to your website. For others it’s all about duplicate pages and creating unique content, in which case our focus will be on Content Auditing. Link Auditing will be perfect for recovering from penalties and gathering data on your competitors for the best optimisation.

So, let’s talk about YOUR needs and start a process that fits YOUR goals.

Benefits of using our Full Website Audit

In the modern business environment, you can’t ignore the importance of your online reputation. With use, a full website audit will be conducted at least once a year, ensuring you stay ahead of the pack:

  • Enjoy the advantages of all the individual audits when implementing a full SEO site audit service.
  • We’ll optimise your website for keywords and content as well as links and traffic flow.
  • Our in-depth audit will reveal everything that your site needs to climb to that ranking spot you deserve, creating a growing business stream.

Many businesses even choose to perform a full audit every six months, giving you peace of mind that nothing prevents you from impressing search engines and online users.

Why use us?

You need value for money when you buy SEO audit services. The Carbon Spark team keeps up to date with the latest news about UX SEO audit guidelines and much more. Here’s what you can look forward to with us:

  • We incorporate every aspect of SEO.
  • Our software combines several datasets to produce a matchless service.
  • With each deliverable, you’ll receive a presentation explaining what we discovered, with solutions.

We won’t provide you with an audit and then abandon you. We take advantage of newly discovered opportunities to change the campaign scope.

Your business deserves the best and our team knows how to do a website audit relevant to the current market requirement.

Website Audit – Faq’s

An SEO audit is a process by which your website will be analysed to assess and reveal its issues. It is the first step in crafting an effectively optimised site.

The first part of an audit would involve identifying all the issues your website has. It would then be down to utilising various programs and tools to optimize it to its fullest potential. Trusting an SEO Technical Audit Service like Carbon Spark to carry out these auditing types will significantly benefit your business.  

Content Auditing costs will be unique, driven by your individual needs. A complete content audit may involve anything from website optimization to social media concerns. We discover what you need and will quote accordingly.

You will need SEO Auditing if you intend to optimize your website and adapt to the competitive online business environment. SEO auditing will establish what issues your site has and the options available for improving it. Without it, you can’t compete online with your competitors.

Carbon Spark performs an SEO audit from one to four times a year, depending on company and website size. If you have a smaller concern, then once every twelve months is perfectly normal.

An audit can take anywhere from one to six weeks to complete, depending on your website size and its issues. 

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