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What is On Page SEO?

What is the goal of SEO practices? Increasing your chances of becoming a top ranking website on a SERP (search engine results page). On-page SEO services like the ones we provide will be all improvements we can make on a page itself. We can optimise each page of your site, from its content to the HTML source code, for the following purposes:

  • Make it easy for search engines who need to interpret the content.
  • You want a user-friendly experience for each person landing on the page.

As part of an SEO strategy, we’ll analyse and improve all factors that will ensure these outcomes. We also include technical on page SEO as an on page SEO strategy, which focuses on improving page indexing.

Why You Need On Page
SEO Services

Your website is your connection to your audience. Unfortunately, whether you have an informative blog or an e-commerce platform, if no one sees your pages, your site doesn’t have much value. In order to attract traffic and engage with your audience, you need to impress two primary role players:

  • Search engines
  • Users.

You need on-page optimization to get this right.

Prove Your Worth to Search Engines

Search engines will give you a top ranking on a SERP if its crawlers know you provide valuable information to browsers. Therefore, you need to make it easy for search engines like Google to measure your relevancy to online searches. By using factors like correct keyword usage, we help your pages stand out to search engines.

Give Users What They Want

We help you provide your visitors—users—with a positive experience. For example, let’s use a page layout that makes it easy for consumers to find information quickly. This will have them spend more time on your pages, increasing the chance of engagement, such as initiating a sale.

On page SEO is an important step in any digital marketing strategy. So, when you partner with us in creating or improving your website, our website SEO audit and improvements are aimed at making your website the platform your audience—and Google—will love.

Types of SEO On-Page Optimisation

What can we Optimise?

What can we improve during on-page SEO optimisaton? Two main types of SEO on page optimisation are:

  • HTML elements
  • Your content


HTML is one of the main methods to communicate clearly with search engine crawlers. Pieces of HTML coding—like title tags and meta descriptions—help search engines understand what your page has to offer. Clarity about your pages’ content will lead to appearing on more results pages.

Since most users won’t find you in any other way than a results page, this is the essential first step in an on-page SEO strategy. We can optimise all HTML elements to help you outrank competitors who have similar pages.


Once your audience follows a results page link and lands on your website, your content must keep them there. This calls for original, quality content that’s engaging and relevant to what the user was looking for.

We use strategies like keyword research to determine what users expect, build content based on these requirements and make sure visitors stay on your pages longer. That gives you more time to engage with them.

What Services can Carbon Spark Offer You?

No element in SEO strategies function in isolation. Often, one factor in on site SEO services will relate to many others—even SEO off page optimisation—so Carbon Spark offers you a wide range of SEO services. This maximises the impact our SEO campaign will have on your search engine rankings.

SEO Audit

We do a thorough investigation about your website’s current state and the impact it’s making on your audience. We identify strengths and weaknesses so we know what we need to work on during on-page and off-page SEO campaigns.

Content Marketing

We do a thorough investigation about your website’s current state and the impact it’s making on your audience. We identify strengths and weaknesses so we know what we need to work on during on-page and off-page SEO campaigns.

Local SEO Services

We do a thorough investigation about your website’s current state and the impact it’s making on your audience. We identify strengths and weaknesses so we know what we need to work on during on-page and off-page SEO campaigns.

Link Building

We do a thorough investigation about your website’s current state and the impact it’s making on your audience. We identify strengths and weaknesses so we know what we need to work on during on-page and off-page SEO campaigns.

On-Page vs Off-Page SEO Difference

For a perfectly optimised page, on page SEO can’t be the only focus. For good ranking you also need off-page SEO tactics. But what is the difference between onpage and offpage optimization? The latter will be SEO techniques that don’t require any changes to your website itself.

We don’t have control over all external factors that could affect a website’s ranking but there’s still a lot that can be done. Off-page SEO techniques include link building, social media activity and content marketing.

Together, onpage SEO and off page SEO provide you with the best chance of reaching the top of a search engine results page. Work with the Carbon Spark team and we’ll make sure all your bases are covered.

How do we Perfectly Optimise a Page?

With any of our clients’ websites, we have a strategic plan which leads to better SEO results. Perfect on page SEO requires different steps to attain the ultimate goal of attracting visitors and getting that high ranking you’re after.

Keyword Research

A first step is researching which words—keywords—people use when searching for information about your industry. Of course, people use a wide variety of keywords and phrases. Therefore, part of the keyword research process is to find the most popular. These would be the best to use in pages’ content, to show search engines you have information relevant to people’s searches.

On-Page Optimizations

We’ll review each aspect of each of your pages and optimise the features. With meta tag optimization services, clarifying title tags and improving your content, your ranking will improve, you’ll get noticed easier and visitors will stay on your page longer.

SEO Page Outlines

The quality of your content is not only about WHAT you share but HOW it’s communicated. As an important step in our content marketing campaigns, we do proper SEO page outline planning before creating any new content. These SEO page outlines give the skilled copywriters a clear understanding of what to include for each page. Instead of random content, each text supports our overall strategy.

Top On-Page SEO Ranking Factors

So, what is on page optimisation in SEO done correctly? There’s a lot search engines and users look at when gauging a page’s value, including:

Title Tag: Your pages’ title tags form part of the HTML elements of the page. This is the blue, clickable phrase or title users will see on a results page. We make sure each title tag gives concise—maximum 60 characters—but accurate information about the page’s content, so users can see if it’s relevant to their needs. This way we increase the chances of someone clicking through to your website.

URL: When your URL accurately reflects the information someone would find on the page, search engine crawlers can instantly determine your relevancy. A URL should reflect the page hierarchy and what categories it relates to, for example what main topic an article falls under.

Meta description: The short paragraph about your page shown on a results page should further help a user understand what they can expect when they land on your page

Content: Quality content is a must have. To a large extent it determines the value of your page for users. Is it unique? Is it valuable information for someone researching your niche? Does the layout make it easy to digest? It all determines whether visitors will stay on your page and show search engines that it’s worth their time.

Ready to boost your rankings?


On Page SEO allows search engines to both find and understand your web page and its subject matter. It allows the search engine to better match a user’s queries to your page’s relevance, thus creating traffic to your site. Without SEO, your web page may stagnate in obscurity.

You can create content for your website, or you can employ professional copywriters and a content marketing team to provide you with valuable content. It’s important that you keep on site SEO factors in mind. For example, use relevant keywords for search engines’ sakes and incorporate visual elements like images to improve your users’ experience.

For Google, website pages can be seen as the ‘products’ it offers its clients. In this case ‘client’s are people browsing online. To provide a good service and ensure the ‘clients’ will return to use Google’s search services in future, the search engine must ensure it provides the right ‘products’. This calls for pages that contain valuable information, relevant to someone’s search. Your content must prove it falls in this category in order for Google to showcase your website as a ‘product’.

Local SEO
Local SEO

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Keyword Research
Keyword Research

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Link Building
link Building

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Technical SEO
Technical SEO

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Content Marketing
Content Marketing

Creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content

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