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What is Keyword Research?

What is Keyword Research?

Do you want your website to be THE one your target audience sees at the top of a Google results page? That requires quality content and keyword research is a vital step in the creation process:

  • Keywords research helps you discover how and what users are searching for.
  • Keyword search marketing tools help you improve your search engine ranking and user traffic flow.
  • It determines the demand for specific keywords and the level of difficulty in vying for those words on search results.

This research is the foundation of all optimization processes. Without search engine keyword research, users would be incapable of finding your website let alone requiring your services.

However, staying relevant is as important as the research we’ll do. During your site keyword analysis, we’ll focus on two important aspects:

  • Understanding your company’s objectives.
  • Supplying keywords that engage with your target audience.

So, let’s talk about your content.

What are the benefits of Keyword Research Services?

Why is keyword research a wise investment in any company’s marketing campaign? Because you need to attract both search engines and clients with your content. Content-oriented keywords help you get this right.

  • For users, your keywords will help them connect with your site that displays the information they’re after.
  • The right keywords invite search engines to explore your site. The right keywords, naturally placed throughout your content, will convince a search engine that your website is worth ranking.

You need experts on this task, because it can become technical. For example, a search engine will send user traffic to your site based on your keywords’ value and validity.

We know exactly how this infrastructure works. The keyword analysis performed by Carbon Spark will generate website traffic specifically tailored to your content and services.

So, Let’s get your content right, the first time.

Keyword Research Process

Keyword Intent

Creating website content shouldn’t only be about what you want to say. Just as important is what your target audience needs from you. So, researching your audience—users—is vital.

Also known as Keyword funneling or search intent, keyword intent determines what words or phrases a user will employ in a search. This crucial SEO keyword research and analysis point of discovering your users’ objective, will help you deliver what they need.

We can then modify your content to answer their intent, making your website more effective in engaging with an audience.

Three main types of user intent-driven searches you need to consider when optimising for intent-driven keywords:

  • Navigation: The user attempts to find a specific website.
  • Transaction: Users intend to buy something.
  • Information: Attempting to find answers to questions or information located on specific pages.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research

The goal is to understand what your users are searching for. Knowing which keywords they use and the intention behind those words enables us to modify your website accordingly.

Utilising special or custom keywords and phrases expressly aimed at your website content will propel users and search engines towards your site. Placing your keywords through our keyword analysis tool will unlock other potentially lucrative keywords that we can weave into the fabric of your content.

It’s best to aim for keywords lower in volume but pointed explicitly at your website and services. Higher volume keywords are harder to obtain and may take years to benefit your website. Targeting lower volume but relevant keywords will lessen your competition and result in more intent-driven user traffic.

Keyword Mapping

Keyword mapping assigns each web page its own specific group of keywords. This is valuable for your website rankings.

This particular type of website keyword analysis clarifies which of your pages are displayed for which searches. Keyword mapping will ensure that the right pages with search-appropriate content are presented.

This particular type of website keyword analysis clarifies which of your pages are displayed for which searches. Keyword mapping will ensure that the right pages with search-appropriate content are presented.

Three main types of user intent-driven searches you need to consider when optimising for intent-driven keywords:

Keyword Tracking

Keyword Tracking

Tracking the keywords of your website is judging how your site ranks for its keywords. This is an ongoing process which informs you of where your keywords are placed on a Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

Keeping an eye on your organic rankings and their movement on SERPs over time will enable you to raise the bar on your future SEO tactics. Tracking is an integral part of Carbon Spark’s keyword optimisation services.

Keyword Gap Analysis

When trying to discover what high traffic keywords your competitors are ranking for, we run a keyword gap analysis. This SEO keyword analysis will uncover:

  • Where your website ranks compared to your competitors.
  • Which keywords others are using that you’re not.
  • Gaps in your competition’s tactics.

You can gain an advantage from competitor keyword research by building strategies around the data.

With this keyword analysis in SEO we will find keywords that are specific to your content and capitalise on them to increase your organic rankings and outperform your competitors.

Why us?

Effective keyword research is essential in gaining the upper edge over your competitors. It will contribute to your pages ranking effectively on SERPs. However, you need the experts on your side to ensure a positive outcome.

Carbon Spark has developed a Proprietary Keyword Research tool that will help
you attain the level of optimisation all companies crave – Page One on main search

We combine factors like competitor keyword analysis and SEO research to provide
you with a seamless SEO keyword research service. Let’s uncover potential
keywords you can benefit from, identify where your pages stand on organic
rankings and start improving them!

With our advanced keyword research strategy we can see your business
succeed. We have multiple tools at our disposal to accomplish that, so
give your business the best chance to become a market leader.


Keyword Research cost depends on several factors, such as the size of your business and the level of optimization you require. Partner with the right company who will ensure speedy results, so you don’t pay without enjoying any benefits.

Keyword research analysis will inform you about:

-        Keywords you are ranking for

-        Your competitor's ranking words

-        Effective modifications you can make.

It’s how you find out what and how users are searching online. This knowledge allows you to benefit by optimizing content in order to capture the relevant traffic.

As a keyword research SEO company, Carbon Spark accomplishes keyword analysis by applying our Exclusive Keyword Research Tool to your site. This tool is indispensable if you wish to rank high on SERPs and create organic traffic to your website.

You can:

-        Book a discovery call with Carbon Spark

-        Send Carbon Spark a message

-        Call Carbon Spark for more information

We will assist you in becoming a leader within your industry’s organic search rankings to maximise qualified traffic.

Once we have completed our keyword research and analysis, we will provide you with On-Page recommendations and outlines. This keyword research report will indicate which areas of your website contain problems and from which keywords you would profit.

We will outline a course of action that will deliver the ultimate SEO keyword strategy. With these two options combined, we will optimize your website for a higher ranking on SERPs and drive the users you want to the pages relevant to their needs.

We use our own Proprietary Keyword Research tool to optimise your website.

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