Rewire Security Case Study

The Client

Rewire Security is a small B2B & B2C company that supplies GPS tracking devices and services. Their affordable and effective GPS trackers locate people, cars, and vehicle fleets.

The typical customer use case was tracking people with dementia, classic and luxury cars, and van fleet management.

The Plan

The Carbon Spark team was tasked with presenting advice on approaches for selecting and implementing new marketing technology into the Rewire Security marketing stack.

  1. Produce a briefing examining the importance of Martech and management and automaton opportunities for paid, owned, and earned media.
  2. Construct a report detailing objectives, selection criteria, recommendations and implementation steps for suitable marketing automation tools.
  3. Create a plan of action to ensure legal compliance and successful staff training and resource management.
  4. Outline new marketing technology that could improve conversion.

The Analysis

1.The Briefing

We aimed to achieve the following within the briefing:

  • Provide an overview of how Martech impacts the current customer journey using the RACE model.
  • Detail the management and automation opportunities for paid, owned and earned media.

Martech affect on the customer journey

The use of Martech allows for a better understanding of customers and prospects; which often leads to improved lead generation conversion. Martech automation releives the burden of completing repititve mundane tasks, leaving time for more valuable action.

We dove deep into how Martech impacts the customer journey for a typical Rewire Security customer using the Race model.


  • The exploration stage, where customers will explore the solutions to their problem.
  • Discussing the numerous tools to assist in reach more customers during this stage.


  • This stage is where you engage with prospects.
  • Discussing the numerous tools to assist in lead generation.


  • Getting your audience to take that vital next step which turns them into paying customers.
  • Discussing the numerous tools to assist in reducing purchasing friction.


  • Developing a long-term relationship with first-time buyers to build customer loyalty as repeat purchases.
  • Discussing the technologies available to assist in multi-channel customer interaction.

Management and Automation

Management and Automation for Paid Media

  • PPC bid management tools

Management and Automation for Owned Media

  • Personalised automated email tools
  • Mail A/B Testing

Management and Automation for Earned Media

  • PR management tools
  • Outreach automation

2.The Report

We aimed to achieve the following within the report:

01. Provide a clear strategic selection process that helped meet the set objectives.

02. Recommend appropriate tools and outline a route for implementation

Objectives and Selection Criteria

We outlined three objectives and selection criteria for marketing automation tools. They were categorised by Smith and Chaffrey’s 5Ss of digital marketing.

Speak – Increase customer satisfaction by 10% within six months through MarTech customer support & brand mention automation (Measured via TrustPilot score)

Serve – Increase email conversion rates by 15% within the next six months via MarTech delivering event triggered personalised emails

Tool Recommendations

We provided three tool recommendations to manage Social, SEM and Email channels.

Agora Pulse (Social)

Google Analytics (SEM) (Email)


We provided a detailed rundown accompanied with implementation maps to help guide the smooth transition of the tools into their daily marketing activities

3.The Assembly Plan

We aimed to achieve the following within the report:

01. Display the legal requirements and recommendations

02. Assemble a training and resources plan

New MarTech to improve conversion

We aimed to achieve the following within the report:

CrazyFrog Heatmap

CrazyEgg is a paid tool which allows you to view recorded mouse movements for users on your site. With tools such as google analytics, we can view statistics such as cart abandonment rate. However these tools are not able to give an insight into what has caused it, this is where technology offered by CrazyEgg is ready to assist us.

CrazyEgg creates heat maps which records where mouse clicks are on the page. Thanks to this technology, we are can pinpoint that on RewireSecurity website, the coupon code area is the cause of the high abandoned cart rate. Users attempt to find coupon codes and are disappointed when they can’t see any. This causes the user to become dissatisfied and feel that they are not receiving the best value for money. By using CrazyEgg, this would have been spotted and could cause a drastic increase in conversion if adjusted to a more minimalistic design or removed completely.

This technology also provides scroll map reports which enable us to see how users pay attention to particular areas of a page. Below is an example of a scroll map on a sign-up page:

The different colours show us the percentage of users that view that area. In this case, the sign-up button is in the green area which means that 50% of the users left the page before seeing the button. This is due to the users thinking that the form is long and there is no clear end goal in sight when you first arrive onto the page. This could be corrected by moving elements higher up the page so that the sign-up button is visible.

This is relevant to the Rewire Security website due to their sign-up button being below the page fold. Below is a snapshot from when you first open the register account page on the website. The sign-up button is entirely out of sight, and instead, the page is filled with a lengthy form to fill out. Important information such as the call to action here should always be above the fold (CampaignMonitor, 2017).

A new feature which could improve the efficiency of the tool would be integration with Google Analytics to view detailed statistics about user behaviour. This feature would provide real time targeted conversion rate optimization. Cross compatibility between the two applications could offer more accurate results, leading to higher conversion rates. An extension of this feature would be CrazyEgg automatically updating the site depending on the how the user behaves to website changes. This would ensure that AB tests only run for long enough to confirm whether the proposed new design is increasing conversion rates. Immediately after the next test would begin, resulting in continuous optimization. This will ultimately improve the user experience, which reduces friction between you and the target audience (CrazyEgg, 2018).

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